One of the largest selling and recognized brands in gaming history is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Tetris Zone offers four modes of play, from the simple, yet challenging 15-level Marathon mode to an instant hard-drop variation and more. Stunning 3D graphics take the Tetris experience to new levels of play. Get back into the game and re-acquaint yourself with TetrisĀ®, one of the best puzzle games ever made!

System Requirements

Mac OS X Universal Authentic Tetris Game Blue Planet Software
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Game Features:

  • Four game variations will keep you entertained for hours:
    • Marathon - 15 challenging levels of gameplay.
    • Challenge - See how far you can go in 10 minutes!
    • Sprint - Race to clear 40 lines.
    • Master - Instant drops — think fast!
  • Watch a full instant replay of your best game, including the all-time and daily best!
  • Awesome graphics and sounds heighten the Tetris experience.
  • Automatically upload your score to a world-wide Leader Board — compare your ranking against players from the around the world!
  • An authentic Tetris® Game designed and optimized specifically for Windows and OS X.
Tetris Zone Screenshots

What they're saying about Tetris Zone:

  • "Gameplay 9 out of 10"
     – Inside Mac Games
  • "In the best meaning of the word, this game is a time sink."
     – Stefan Molz, Mac Life (Germany)
  • "I'm having a great time playing a game I haven't seen since my son's Nintendo. He's 32 now."
     – Tom in Ohio.
  • "Love the game!"
     – Jeremy in Alabama